Wellness Products

We offer a special selection of tried and true retail products for your health and comfort. Through the years, the most effective items have proved themselves with customer satisfaction. Our products are chosen for therapeutic efficacy, quality ingredients, company sustainable practices, and value. We stand proudly behind anything we present to you.

Physical Therapy &

• Thera Cane Massager
• Thera-Band Roller Massager
• Foam Rollers
• Reflex Balls
• IsoFlex Stress Ball
• Pinky Balls
• Stretch Out Strap

Well-Being & Comfort

• CorPak Hot & Cold Packs
• Grampa’s Garden Body Shawls and Thera Pacs
• CranioCradle
• Real Happiness (book and meditation CD) by Sharon Salzberg
• Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison
• Epsom Salts

Topical Analgesics & Aromatherapy

• DoTerra Essential Oils
• Tiger Balm
• Boericke and Tafel Arnica Gel
• Biofreeze
• CBD Clinic, Level 5