Massage, Bodywork and Energy Work

Our experienced massage therapists specialize in a customized approach to bring relief and relaxation to our clients. Your personalized massage may include several therapeutic techniques. When making your appointment, tell us about your needs, i.e, pain, injury or stress issues. What would you like in a massage?  We will match you with a massage therapist whose experience and training will best meet your goals.

Health Benefits of Massage:

- Relieves stress and anxiety
- Manages chronic pain due to injury or illness
- Alleviates headache pain, including migraines
- Accelerates healing after an injury
- Improves circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach tissues and organs
- Increases flexibility and range of motion in joins
- Improves posture

Ready to feel better?

We are open 6 days a week. Closed Monday. Please call for an appointment at 612.727.2989