Welcome to the Wellness Center

Our Mission: To improve your health and your life with quality wellness services
Terri Burks, CEO of The Wellness CenterIn a calm, caring, professional manner, we strive to accomplish pain relief, deep relaxation and improved vitality for every client. Most people do benefit from just one service. Since we are retraining muscular memory and stress patterns, we may recommend consecutive visits to achieve sustainable results.
We do our best to make a perfect match with a therapist who will meet your needs based upon their style and expertise. The Massage Team maintains treatment notes to document your progress and preferences. This ensures consistency among Team members for an individualized massage that helps you feel better. Even deep relaxation is more effective with a therapeutic approach. At The Wellness Center, we take the fluff out of spa massage and give you results!

My first wish is that you become a fan as I did over 20 years ago when I came here for my very first professional massage. I personally guarantee your massage experience. 

Also very special to The Wellness Center is our sensory deprivation tank. We are the only float tank operating in Minneapolis and have been doing so since 1995! I love using the tank to unwind my body and quiet the mind. Once, I felt as if I was floating among the clouds!

My second wish is that you feel welcomed and appreciated every time you come. Always feel free to call or email me with your comments or feedback: Terri@WellnessCenterMN.com. Thank you for reading about our wonderful center. I hope you try us and get to know our Team!

With warm regards,
Terri Burks, CEO
Caring Executive Owner