Dear Wellness Community,

Thank you for all of your support during these difficult times. We welcome your return and we welcome new clients to join our community and feel safe and supported when you receive a massage or float service. Many people want to know about our safety practices. Here is partial list of things we do:

  • Clients and employees must wear masks in the building. Clients may request a disposable mask.
  • Clients call before entry for permission to enter, to limit the number of clients in the lobby.
  • Upon entry, clients are tested for temperature and oxygen level readings.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided in the lobby and every treatment room.
  • Clients may cancel, without penalty, for feeling sick or having concerns about COVID exposure. The same is true for employees to prevent any potential exposure. We are sorry if your appointment is affected.
  • We have added air filtration systems in every room.
  • Masks are required during massage, but not when face down during massage.
  • When face down for massage, pillow cases are used as a method of capturing aerosols.
  • When face up for massage, a plastic shield attaches to the massage table for additional protection.
  • Linens and blankets are cleaned by a service, with a certified clean and safe process.
  • To prevent cross contamination, disposable containers are used for oils or lotion during the massage session.
  • If you would like essential oils or tiger balm or biofreeze to be incorporated into your session, please purchase your personal product and bring with you to each session.
  • All touchable surfaces are disinfected after every visit: doorknobs, counters, chairs, massage table, face cradle, credit card reader etc. Extra time is allotted for this process.
  • For float clients, masks are required inside the building and during interactions with staff. Masks are not required during the shower and float session itself.
  • For disinfection, the tank and shower surfaces are sprayed with a hydrogen peroxide solution and wiped down. Extra time is allotted for this process.

As you walk out the door, feel nurtured and cared for by our wonderful staff. Be well and be safe.

Warmest regards,

Terri Burks, CEO and owner 


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